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J.M.H. S.R.L. was created in December 1992 as a successor of José Méndez eHijo, company that during more than 15 years provided services for industrial instruments to the local market; during that time, renowned companies have entrusted their instrumentation needs: Duperial S.A. (Argentine Division of ICI), Dunlop Argentina S.A., Unilever de Argentina S.A., Petroquímica Gral. Mosconi, Orbea Argentina S.A., Estiquim S.A., Quiton S.A., etc.
In the year 1992, due to the deep changes taking place in the country, the idea of diversifying the activities of the company arises. This is how we incorporated new development areas into our original structure thus conceiving JMH company that from that very moment was well positioned within the industrial market.

Technical, Mechanical and Laboratory Areas.
Within the mechanical area we provide an extensive range of accessories for pressure gauges, chemical seals (diaphragm seals), pulsation dampers, manifolds, two or three-way, etc., all products manufactured by us.
Manufactured in compliance with international standards and with export quality, our line of Chemical Seals is among the best on the market.
At the same time, we manufacture all kinds of primary temperature sensors (thermocouples, thermistors, standard and special, in all pair types).
Finally, we own a Calibrations Laboratory, that complies with traceable standards to national and international standards thus allowing to perform all kinds of calibrations in PRESSURE and TEMPERATURE measurements.
Our Technical Department meets a large range of needs, constantly providing technical advise and also covering the repairment needs for the relevant gauges.

Commercial Department.
The Commercial Department is the most important and mostly developed area of our company, it is responsible for the commercialization of our own manufactured products and services, and also, as exclusive representatives of the Spanish company Aldiso SL., it is in charge of the commercialization and post-sale services of the manometers Gasli.
We have represented said company since the year 1993; after more than ten years of constant work for the recognition and introduction of the product in the market, we are currently one of the five companies in Argentina that commercializes said products, as well as the top importer of pressure gauges in terms of quantity of units, according to official data.
With a large stock of products in our warehouse and with an even larger stock in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay, we guarantee the constant supply of the product.
In short, JMH is a young company with a history of proven expertise that permanently considers market realities in order to increasingly achieve a better positioning within the market.


Technical Support
Customer satisfaction


We own a large and modern plant that includes a manufacturing sector, a laboratory, a warehouse, and a commercial department, as well as modern offices where we centralize the administration of the company.

830 Madariaga Street. Zip Code B 1872 CMP, Sarandi - Province of Buenos Aires - Argentina ventas@jmhsrl.com.ar - tel/fax: 5411 4204-9466 / 4205-1399