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Our modern laboratory is equipped with primary and secondary standards certified by the INTI (National Institute of Industrial Technology) as well as all the auxiliary equipment necessary to provide a proper and efficient service.
In our laboratory we perform repairs and calibrations of any gauge that measures pressure and temperature.

Within the production department, GROUP JMH develops new products and all the technology applied to manufacture such products.-
We have an important area of machinery with CNC machining that allows us to manufacture hundreds of pieces in short terms; at the same time, we provide repairment and filling services for the entire line of diaphragm seals.

1st level companies rely on our services

830 Madariaga Street. Zip Code B 1872 CMP, Sarandi - Province of Buenos Aires - Argentina ventas@jmhsrl.com.ar - tel/fax: 5411 4204-9466 / 4205-1399